Social Commitment

AQUIRIS employs almost 100 people directly or indirectly. It provides detailed monthly reports on the quality of the treated wastewater to the Brussels Environment and the Brussels Company for Water Management (SBGE-BMWB).


Creating employment and prosperity

The site has relied on Belgian companies, which were responsible for 70% of the construction of the plant. More than 450 engineers and workers took part in the design and construction of the plant. In addition,  numerous job seekers were employed, many of whom were trained on-site. The company has a permanent maintenance team and currently employs 50 people, mostly local employees.


AQUIRIS in Belgium

With its strategic location in the heart of Europe, AQUIRIS fully complies with the conditions established in the European Union directives.

 An average of 275 million litres of wastewater from the Brussels-Capital Region and the Flemish Woluwe basin are treated every day.

The local inhabitants and users can certainly count on this treatment facility, which purifies the locally collected wastewater and subsequently discharges it back into its natural environment. The goal is to pump back into the Senne water that is of satisfactory quality for the environment.


Educational mission

The site is transparent and entirely open to the public,  a guided tour of the plant is offered to discover the challenges posed by water and the water treatment process. Thanks to a clear and simple explanation of the process, visitors can gain an insight into all technical operations and follow the path taken by the water. The installations are also regularly visited by international delegations from all over the world.