The Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater with a value of 1.3 million euros population equivalent. The plant's activities are highly energy-intensive, electrical and thermal.

Aquiris produces green electricity that covers 30% of its electricity consumption.
(60,000 MWh per year) thanks to ;

  • A fleet of photovoltaic panels, with more than 10,000 panels,
  • A 2MWe cogeneration unit that uses the biogas that is produced during the fermentation of sludge,
  • As a hydraulic turbine at the end of the treatment recovers the potential energy from the water, this energy is used to feed an electric generator.

The station also consumes thermal energy: the natural gas and biogas produced on site is used to produce the steam needed to produce the temperature of different processes.

The site, a major player in the sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region, is committed to reducing electricity and natural gas consumption on the grid. To this end, an energy management system based on the ISO 50001 standard has been in place since March 2018.

Aquiris is ISO 50001 certified, so energy management and control are essential for the company! As many projects as possible are carried out to reduce energy consumption. The approach includes all employees, it is a real business project that promotes human and technological development.