AQUIRIS and the environment

Respect for the environment is a key priority in all operations in the plant, from wastewater treatment processes to services. Day in and day out, AQUIRIS, an expert in the treatment of wastewater, contributes to restoring and maintaining the ecosystem of the Senne.




The protection of water resources, the fight against the pollution of waterways  and of underground water-bearing beds is the first priority of the site. Wastewater treatment is an essential step in maintaining the quality of our waterways. During the construction of the site AQUIRIS decontaminated the polluted soil at the site in order to regenerate the local ecosystem of the Senne and to redevelop the area.


Energy generation

When in use, the plant generates 30 % of its own electricity requirements.

50 MWh/day generated

165 MWh/day consumed


Part of the energy is produced through a turbine which recuperates the energy released by the water during the treatment process, and the rest is obtained through recovery of biogas produced in the sludge digestion phase.  In addition to that, a park of more than 10,000 solar panels provides a significant part of the electricity production.

The co-generation installation generates 40 MWh of electricity a day and 25 MWh of heat a day. The volume of biogas produced, 6.65 million m³, could heat about 12,500 households in Brussels every year.