Asset management: Aquiris improves productivity through efficient asset management

Improved asset availability, reduced operating costs and significantly reduced energy consumption are just some of the benefits that Aquiris is reaping from using its asset management service. Aquiris has a centralised asset management system that enables remote and on-site monitoring and maintenance planning. 

By combining this system with predictive and condition-based maintenance applications, Aquiris can identify early signs of failure and plan its maintenance accordingly.
Aquiris optimises its assets and processes to improve current performance and extend life by planning new upgrades, improving asset management and introducing process engineering programmes.

Several different technologies are used to assess and monitor the condition of equipment:

  • vibration analysis
  • infrared thermography
  • ultrasonic detection
  • oil analysis
  • shaft and pulley alignment
  • pipe thickness measurements

How does Aquiris create value?

  • By ensuring continuity of operations, which is essential for any processing plant
  • By reducing leaks and production stoppages in the wastewater treatment plant
  • By deploying maintenance adapted to the life cycle of each asset
  • Adjusting a personalised level of service thanks to remote and on-site intervention capabilities
  • Compiling regular reports