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Technical expertise

AQUIRIS has drawn on its multidisciplinary know-how to develop a plant with high-tech, innovative installations and solutions. AQUIRIS offers custom, local and permanent solutions adapted to suit the particular features of the Brussels-North region. As an affiliate of VEOLIA, AQUIRIS can benefit from VEOLIA‘s expertise and operational support.

The Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant consists of an architectural site unique in size, design concept and installations.

Proven technical experience

Thanks to its affiliation with VEOLIA Water, AQUIRIS can count on extensive experience and expertise, from competent teams to innovative techniques. The plant is known and respected around the world for:

  • Its sludge treatment line. The plant treats sludge through wet air oxidation, which eliminates the need for traditional incineration techniques and considerably reduces the environmental impact of the process.
  • The amount of wastewater that can be treated. The plant has the capacity to treat the wastewater produced by 1.4 million inhabitants. In 2009 the plant treated 100 million m³ of water.
  • The unique design concept of the plant. As the site has an industrial character, a contemporary architectural design was chosen for the plant. The compact plant is completely covered and enclosed.
  • The unique strategic location of Brussels, which allows many international delegations to combine a visit to the plant with meetings with representatives of the European institutions.

Wastewater treatment The collected wastewater undergoes
a number of successive treatments before being discharged back into the Senne (...)
Sludge treatment The sludge, which has been separated
during the wastewater treatment process,
is treated in the plant (...)
Air treatment The foul air produced in the treatment of wastewater and the sludge are continually collected in the installations at the plant (...) FOR MORE INFORMATION Other facilities AQUIRIS regularly analyses the quality
of treated water in its laboratory. The laboratory also monitors the functioning (...)

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Visit the plant

Guided tours of the Brussels-North wasterwater treatment plant are organised upon reservation.