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Other facilities

AQUIRIS analyses the quality of the treated water in its laboratory and monitors the wastewater facilities.

Analysis and monitoring of the water quality

All water treatment processes are designed to guarantee balanced ecosystems in the Senne River. The plant is equipped with a laboratory that permanently monitors the quality of the treated water at each step. AQUIRIS produces very strict monthly reports on the quality of the treated water. These reports are systematically transferred to the Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE-BIM) and the Brussels Company for Water Management (SBGE-BMWB).

Control room

Monitoring of the installations | the control room

The wastewater treatment installations and the path taken by the water are monitored in the control room, where all the processes in the plant - wastewater, sludge and air treatment - can be managed.

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Visit the plant

Guided tours of the Brussels-North wasterwater treatment plant are organised upon reservation.